The Original Shaker


With her Arts degree from UBC, her hatred for poor grammar and her mind that literally never stops working, Abigail is the perfect person to juggle all of your projects and make sure there’s someone in place to get the work done-and done completely. While she loves working on the projects that challenge and excite her (which is pretty much everything!), her main job is to do what she loves most-deal directly with clients and focus on growing the business. 


The Shake-Keeper

team-static-sarah (1)

Sarah is a no-BS kinda girl, she’ll tell you what’s “shakin” pretty quickly but we’ll let you in on a little secret; she has the biggest heart you’ll ever see and GENUINELY cares about each client we work with. While she spends most of her time thinking about how we can “shake it up” a little more each day, her job is to make sure we are on track at all times. From making sure Abigail isn’t being too much of a softy to making sure the whole team is working efficiently (we tend to be a little too chatty), we have given her the friendly nickname of our chief “crack the whip” officer! 

Sarah F.

The Junior Shaker

team-static-sarahf (1)

Sarah is the newest addition to the team (and yes, the double Sarah thing gets confusing from time to time!) and is making quite the name for herself from our incredibly happy clients. If you have a task that needs to get done and done properly, Sarah’s your girl. She is totally blowing us all away with how fast she learns things with no direction! We’re slowly teaching her how to identify where our clients could Shake It Up! a little more.