With the days being so short, it’s hard to stay focused and awake while you’re at work. Many of us end up resorting to that piping hot cup of joe. But too much caffeine isn’t healthy for your body, so naturally we began looking for alternatives! Here is a list of things we came up with to keep you conscious during a long day at the office.


1.Maximize your exposure to light



Try and get out of the office and get some sunlight! We know that isn’t always possible on the West Coast, but even if it’s a bit wet out there, the natural light will help to replenish your body!



2.Give your eyes a break!

Every now and then, try to exercise your eyes. Look away from what you’re doing and move your eyes from left to right, up and down. This will help your eyes to re-focus and keep you more awake!

3.Listen to upbeat music!



Here at the office, we always have something playing. Music is a great way to lift your spirits without you even realizing it! It’s always the first thing we do when we arrive at the office.




4.Have a good breakfast

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s true! By eating a good breakfast, it gives your metabolism the boost it needs for the rest of the day.

5.Drink lots of water!

a gallon of water a day


Keep a glass or water bottle near your workspace and keep hydrated! Water is very important for your body, and when it doesn’t get enough you can become tired and unfocused. Stay hydrated!