With a new year comes new resolutions. Common goals are exercising more, eating healthier and traveling, but what about your business goals? Business goals can be the hardest to achieve as they can be time consuming and less of a priority in your general life. Below we have come up with steps to creating a goal and how you can see it through.

Set the Goal:

The first step in goal setting is knowing what the goal is. Find out exactly what you want. Be specific. Aim as high as you want. Creating a bare minimum goal is not pushing yourself to your full potential. Inspire yourself to achieve what you want.

Get it in Writing:

Writing down your goal is an important step in accomplishing it. Whether you write it on a page in your agenda, add it to your cellphone calendar, or type it out on a word document, make sure it is actually visible. Again, be specific when writing it down.

Share it:

Letting someone else know about your goal, makes you feel more obligated and held accountable for actually seeing it through. It also helps to hear yourself say out loud what it is you actually want. If possible, find a business coach that can help you on your way.

Dissect it:

Go over your goal and discover what it literally entails. Think of this step as defining or explaining it. You should know your goal inside out so there is no room for confusion. Confusion does not end in proper results.

Make a Plan:

Now that you know precisely what it is that you want to achieve, create a plan for the first step. Make the plan as detailed as possible and include solutions to any bumps that may come up as well as a Plan B. There is not always one answer for everything and if you can’t reach your goal one way, try another. Give yourself a time frame and get going!

Don’t Give Up:

You will never obtain your goal if you give up. If you have tried numerous avenues and keep failing, think outside the box. Whenever you feel like giving up do something to inspire yourself. Inspiration can come from nature, movies, music or even simply Googling inspiring quotes. Find what works for you and take advantage of it when you feel like giving up.

Reward Yourself:

Even if you have not quite reached the final destination of your goal, there are many small victories along the way. Don’t forget to reward yourself from time to time. Maybe that means a bubble bath, a visit to your favourite restaurant, or seeing a comedy show. Your rewards can be as little or as big as you want. You decide what they are, you earned it!