Let our administrative stars rock your business world!

Do you dream of playing golf every week? Does your wife dream of having you home for dinner every night? Do you pray that your huge annual event will go smoothly? Are you constantly wishing that you had better staff or that your current staff would get along? If all of these are still only dreams, maybe its time to hire a virtual assistant.

At Shake It Up! Business Solutions, we are a team of administrative support professionals that are able to work with your business or organization to help you become more organized, efficient and productive. We work virtually, which means that we have our own office that we work out of (based in Mission, BC) and we provide all work for you with use of computers, phone and online tools. This means that you have a dedicated TEAM of administrative support assistants with different talents but you don’t pay for the cost of having a full time employee. You can have us work with you as little as 5 hours per month or as much as 40 hrs/week, its completely up to you!

Administrative Support

What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?

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