About Us

Our philosophy is to help you shake up your business with out-of-the-box ideas and solutions to your problems. Think of us as the office management team you’ve been needing, the project management support you’ve been looking for and the virtual assistant you had no idea even existed.

We are so much more than just that though-our team comes together to provide you with an overall support network for your organization. While we work with individuals from all different industries, we find that we can especially add value to realtors, those in the trades industry and non-profit organizations.

We like to think we just throw on our “smart glasses” and come up with great ideas but really, we are a team of professionals who have the experience and more importantly the PASSION to help you run and grow your business.

Give us a call, we’d love to help you Shake It Up!

Administrative Support

Administrative Support

Are you a small business owner who is spending too much time handling the “back end” of the business instead of doing the part you love? From keeping you on schedule, to helping you hire new employees, to researching what your competitors are up to, we are here to help.

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Social Network

Whether you are a small business wanting to grow or an established corporation, everyone can benefit from the billions of people that are online regularly. Let’s find a way to showcase how amazing you are and get your target clients knocking on your door.

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Social Media Marketing
Sales Management

Sales Management

Some businesses have a designated salesperson who needs to be kept accountable to a plan, others need a cold calling campaign designed and executed and some people just need a marketing plan. Whatever your situation, there is always a way to Shake It Up a little more!

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Business Writing

Do you have proposals that need to be written, a website that needs updating or a brochure that needs proofreading? Then we’re what you’ve been looking for! Whether you need a professional-sounding business plan written or a fun blog to be updated, we are able to put your thoughts on paper.

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business writing
Project and Event Coordination

Project and Event Coordination

You may have a corporate retreat, an annual holiday party or a black-tie fundraising gala to plan. Having us on your team makes this process easy and seamless. While you are enjoying the events, we can also work with you to ensure that all of your projects are on time, on budget and can communicate with your clients.

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Financial Management

From bookkeeping, to invoicing, to payroll, this is a vital part of every single business. It is also usually the most dreaded part and the last on most people’s priority list. Bring us on as part of your team and you can take it off your list entirely.

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Financial Management

Who We Work With

We currently work with a number of small businesses and organizations in an array of industries including health care, alternative medicine, fitness, business coaching, retail spaces and much more but there are certain areas we specialize in and can bring extreme value to. If you fall under an industry not represented here, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we could support you!

Home Professionals

Realtors, Design Professionals, Trades etc. – Anyone who works inside or outside the home in any way


Non Profit Organizations

From community groups to charity events to large organizations


Health & Wellness

You are focused on helping people be the best they can be – well we will help YOU be the best you can be


Suite A: 7311 James Street, Mission, BC, V2V-3V5

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